A diary of my mothing activity covering highlights and photos from my moth trapping activities. Mainly Norfolk (UK), occasionally beyond. I may mention other wildlife sightings here, especially insects, but for birds see my birding diary.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Red Chestnut and Pine Beauty

Wednesday night produced 3 moths that were new for the year, at least for the house: Little Dwarf Elachista canapennella (see separate post on those), 2 Double-striped Pugs and Red Chestnut.

 Red Chestnut, North Elmham, 15th April

Other stuff included 3 Common Flat-bodies Agonopterix heracliana, Common Plume Emmelina monodactyla, Brindled Pug, 2 Early Thorns, 4 Small Quakers, 8 Common Quakers, 8 Clouded Drabs, 9 Hebrew Characters, 3 Early Greys and Chestnut.

There was less about the next night - or maybe I was just too sick to check carefully enough.  One moth made it worthwhile, a cracking Pine Beauty:

Pine Beauty, North Elmham, 16th April

Apart from that just Little Dwarf Elachista canapennella, Common Plume Emmelina monodactyla, 2 Small Quakers, 3 Common Quakers, 2 Clouded Drabs, 11 Hebrew Characters and 3 Early Greys.

Friday night was worse: Early Thorn, Purple Thorn, Small Quaker, 2 Clouded Drabs, 2 Common Quakers, 7 Hebrew Characters and Early Grey.

Saturday night was a similar story: Little Dwarf Elachista canapennella, March Tubic Diurnea fagella, March Moth, 4 Small Quakers, 3 Clouded Drabs, 5 Common Quakers, 12 Hebrew Characters and Early Grey.  The March Moth was easily my latest ever.

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