A diary of my mothing activity covering highlights and photos from my moth trapping activities. Mainly Norfolk (UK), occasionally beyond. I may mention other wildlife sightings here, especially insects, but for birds see my birding diary.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Another mucronella

Not a great deal to report since my last post, with no new species for the year over the last 4 nights.

Sunday's best was a Twin-spotted Quaker, with 4 Common Quakers, 5 Hebrew Characters, Satellite and Chestnut in support.

Monday night produced 2 March Moths, 2 Dotted Borders, Small Quaker, Clouded Drab, 3 Hebrew Characters and Chestnut.

Tuesday night  was rubbish: March Moth, Dotted Border, 2 Hebrew Characters and Early Grey.

Last night secured the only micro so far this week - another Spindle Smudge Ypsolopha mucronella!  The database is down at the moment but as far as I can see from the flight chart there have only been around 20 Norfolk records before so nice to get a second individual suggesting a population nearby.  This one was rather less well-marked than the last.

Spindle Smudge Yposolopha mucronella, North Elmham, 18th March

So far as macros are concerned, last night was the best of the four in terms of numbers but the worst in terms of variety: 2 Common Quakers, 4 Clouded Drabs and 9 Hebrew Characters.

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