A diary of my mothing activity covering highlights and photos from my moth trapping activities. Mainly Norfolk (UK), occasionally beyond. I may mention other wildlife sightings here, especially insects, but for birds see my birding diary.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

A couple of mediocre days before it kicks off again

8th July was another quietish day though Tipped Oak Case-bearer Coleophora flavipennella was new for the year.

Tipped Oak Case-bearer Coleophora flavipennella (male, gen det), North Elmham, 8th July

The rest were Golden-brown Tubic Crassa unitella, Brown House-moth Hofmannophila pseudospretella, Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix Pandemis cerasana, 4 Common Marbles Celypha lacunana, 13 Garden Grass-veneers Chrysoteuchia culmella, 2 Common Greys Scoparia ambigualis, 2 Little Greys Eudonia lacustrata, Small Grey Eudonia mercurella, 2 Small Magpies Eurrhypara hortulata, Bee Moth Aphomia sociella, Common Plume Emmelina monodactyla, Ghost Moth, 3 Small Blood-veins, Small Fan-footed Wave, Dwarf Cream Wave, Single-dotted Wave, 5 Riband Waves, Barred Straw, Barred Yellow, Clouded Border, 2 Brimstone Moths, 4 Willow Beauties, 2 Mottled Beauties, Bordered White, Common Wave, Privet Hawkmoth, Elephant Hawkmoth, Rosy Footman, 17 Common Footmen, 7 Buff Ermines, Cinnabar, 2 Heart and Darts, 2 Flames, 3 Double Square-spots, Bright-line Brown-eye, Clay, 3 Smoky Wainscots, Brown Rustic, 3 Dark Arches, 25 Uncertains, 4 Rustics, 2 Burnished Brasses, Straw Dot and 3 Snouts.

9th July was equally mediocre.  Again just one new for the year, Hawthorn Ermel Paraswammerdamia nebulella.

Hawthorn Ermel Paraswammerdamia nebuella, North Elmham, 8th July

The others were Woundwort Case-bearer Coleophora lineolea, White Sallow Case-bearer Coleophora albidella, Large Ivy Tortrix Lozotaenia forsterana, 2 Grey Tortrices Cnephasia stephensiana, 6 Common Marbles Celypha lacunana, Plum Tortrix Hedya pruniana, 2 Garden Grass-veneers Chrysoteuchia culmella, Grass-veneer Crambus pascuella, Little Grey Eudonia lacustrata, 2 Small Magpies Eurrhypara hortulata, Bee Moth Aphomia sociella, Small Blood-vein, Single-dotted Wave, Riband Wave, Garden Carpet, Barred Straw, Barred Yellow, 2 Clouded Borders, 4 Brimstone Moths, Early Thorn, Swallow-tailed Moth, Common White Wave, Lesser Swallow Prominent, 3 Buff-tips, Yellow-tail, 15 Common Footmen, 10 Buff Ermines, Heart and Dart, 8 Double Square-spots, Dot Moth, Brown-line Bright-eye, 2 Clays, 6 Smoky Wainscots, 2 Brown Rustics, 32 Uncertains, Rustic, 4 Burnished Brasses, 2 Spectacles, Beautiful Hook-tip and 2 Snouts.

That'll do for now - I'm going to need all the space of a single post for 10th July... if I can keep it to one!

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