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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Grey Ermine

Another lifer on the night of 29th July, this time a Grey Ermine Yponomeuta sedella.  Although records are widespread in east Norfolk, there are only a very few records in the western vice-county (VC28).  Like mine, those that have been recorded in VC28 are only just in the vice-county, with no records yet for most of the west of the county.

Grey Ermine Yponomeuta sedella, North Elmham, 29th July

Also new for the year were Willow Bent-wing Phyllocnistis saligna and Dingy Dowd Blastobasis adustella.

Willow Bent-wing Phyllocnistis saligna, North Elmham, 29th July

Other moths that night were Cinereous Groundling Bryotropha terrella, Orange Crest Helcystogramma rufescens, Maple Button Acleris forsskaleana, 3 Barred Marbles Celypha striana, Garden Grass-veneer Chrysoteuchia culmella, 14 Pearl Veneers Agriphila straminella, 2 Common Grass-veneers Agriphila tristella, Small Grey Eudonia mercurella, Small Magpie Eurrhypara hortulata, Mother of Pearl Pleuroptya ruralis, Rosy Tabby Endotricha flammealis, Blood-vein, 2 Small Fan-footed Waves, 3 Single-dotted Waves, Red Twin-spot Carpet, Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet, July Highflyer, Slender Pug, 4 Clouded Borders, Scalloped Oak, Peppered Moth, Poplar Hawkmoth, Coxcomb Prominent, Yellow-tail, 4 Dingy Footmen, 13 Common Footmen, 3 Buff Ermines, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Double Square-spot, Clay, 4 Common Rustics, Common Rustic agg., 15 Uncertains, 3 Rustics, Burnished Brass and Snout.

The next evening (30th) was the worst for ages - a paltry 23 moths of 13 species - more like March!  They were 4 Pearl Veneers Agriphila straminella, Single-dotted Wave, Early Thorn, Scalloped Oak, Willow Beauty, Coxcomb Prominent, Yellow-tail, 4 Common Footmen, Buff Ermine, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, 5 Uncertains, Rustic and Spectacle.

Fortunately things improved the following night - more on that later...

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