A diary of my mothing activity covering highlights and photos from my moth trapping activities. Mainly Norfolk (UK), occasionally beyond. I may mention other wildlife sightings here, especially insects, but for birds see my birding diary.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

New hoverfly and lacewing

Now over a month behind, ah well.  30th June then: a number of new moths for the year included Timothy Tortrix Aphelia paleana, Black-brindled Bell Epinotia signatana, Brown China-mark Elophila nymphaeata, Small Fan-footed Wave, Dot Moth and Smoky Wainscot.

Black-brindled Bell Epinotia signatana, North Elmham, 30th June

Dot Moth, North Elmham, 30th June

Smoky Wainscot, North Elmham, 30th June

Brown China-mark Elophila nymphaeata, North Elmham, 30th June

Other micro moths were Diamond-back Moth Plutella xylostella, Little Dwarf Elachista canapennella, Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix Pandemis cerasana, 2 Large Fruit-tree Tortrixes Archips podana, Light Grey Tortrix Cnephasia incertana, 2 Barred Marbles Celypha striana, 5 Common Marbles Celypha lacunana, 2 Plum Tortrixes Hedya pruniana, Triple-blotched Bell Notocelia trimaculana, Hoary Bell Eucosma cana, 9 Garden Grass-veneers Chrysoteuchia culmella, Grass-veneer Crambus pascuella, Hook-streaked Grass-Veneer Crambus lathoniellus, 2 Common Greys Scoparia ambigualis, 2 Little Greys Eudonia lacustrata including this quite dark one and 3 Small Magpies Anania hortulata.

Little Grey Eudonia lacustrata (male, gen det), North Elmham, 30th June

The rest of the macros were Common Emerald, Treble Brown Spot, 2 Riband Waves, Large Twin-spot Carpet, Yellow Shell, Common Pug, Grey Pug, 2 Green Pugs, Clouded Border, 2 Brimstone Moths, 5 Peppered Moths, Willow Beauty, 2 Mottled Beauties, 2 Clouded Silvers, Poplar Hawkmoth, Eyed Hawkmoth, 3 Elephant Hawkmoths, 6 Buff Ermines, 2 Heart and Clubs, 3 Heart and Darts, 6 Flames, 2 Flame Shoulders, 4 Large Yellow Underwings, 4 Double Square-spots, Bright-line Brown-eye, Common Wainscot, Brown Rustic, Angle Shades, 6 Dark Arches, 4 Marbled Minors, Rufous Minor, Tawny Marbled Minor, 4 Middle-barred Minors, possible Rustic, Mottled Rustic, 2 Burnished Brasses, Spectacle, Straw Dot and 7 Snouts.

Large Twin-spot Carpet, North Elmham, 30th June

Dark Arches, North Elmham, 30th June

Caddisflies were 2 probable Hydropsyche siltalai, Phryganea grandis, 2 Limnephilus auriculaLeptocerus tineiformis and Mystacides longicornis. A beetle resembled Malthinus flaveolus but I'm not sure how to eliminate other similar species.

A hoverfly caused me a bit of a headache but I eventually identified it as my first Melangyna cincta.  I'd overlooked the genus as they're supposed to have mainly black legs (but other photos of this species don't seem to) and at least a partial dark stripe on the face which I couldn't detect.

Melangyna cincta, North Elmham, 30th June

Also a Eupeodes corollae.

 Eupeodes corollae, North Elmham, 30th June

Another new insect was a green lacewing: Nineta vittata.

Nineta vittata, North Elmham, 30th June

July started badly with just 60 moths of 31 species on the night of 1st.  None were even new for the year: Beech Midget Phyllonorycter maestingella, Large Ivy Tortrix Lozotaenia forsterana, Light Grey Tortrix Cnephasia incertana, Barred Marble Celypha striana, 3 Common Marbles Celypha lacunana, 2 Garden Grass-veneers Chrysoteuchia culmella, Common Grey Scoparia ambigualis, Brown China-mark Elophila nymphaeata, Ringed China-mark Parapoynx stratiotata, White Plume Pterophorus pentadactyla, 4 Barred Straws, Lime-speck Pug, Clouded Border, 3 Willow Beauties, Poplar Hawkmoth, 2 Eyed Hawkmoths, 16 Buff Ermines, Cinnabar, Heart and Club, Heart and Dart, Large Yellow Underwing, Ingrailed Clay, 2 Bright-line Brown-eyes, Clay, Brown Rustic, 2 Dark Arches, 2 Uncertains, Mottled Rustic, 3 Burnished Brasses, Spectacle and Straw Dot.

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