A diary of my mothing activity covering highlights and photos from my moth trapping activities. Mainly Norfolk (UK), occasionally beyond. I may mention other wildlife sightings here, especially insects, but for birds see my birding diary.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Boughton Fen

On Saturday 2nd July I went to Titchwell to see, after several unsuccessful attempts, the Great Knot (see my birding diary).  The visit also got me a new hoverfly, Leucozona laternaria.  Other insects included a Painted Lady, Black-tailed Skimmer and a Yellow-tail caterpillar.

Leucozona laternaria, Titchwell, 2nd July

In the evening I joined others at Boughton Fen for another Norfolk Moth Survey event.  Probably the best moth was my first Comfrey Ermel Ethmia quadrillella, though a white Coleophora also proved to be one I'd not seen before: Pistol Case-bearer Coleophora anatipennella.

Comfrey Ermel Ethmia quadrillella, Boughton Fen, 2nd July

Pistol Case-bearer Coleophora anatipennella (male, gen det), Boughton Fen, 2nd July

Other moths I don't see very often included 2 Ash Bud Moths Prays fraxinella, Hawthorn Moth Scythropia crataegella, 3 Twin-spot Carpets and Striped Wainscot.

Ash Bud Moth Prays fraxinella, Boughton Fen, 2nd July

Hawthorn Moth Scythropia crataegella, Boughton Fen, 2nd July

Twin-spot Carpet, Boughton Fen, 2nd July

Other micros included 2 Golden-brown Tubics Crassa unitella, 2 Hook-marked Straw Moths Agapeta hamana, 3 Barred Fruit-tree Tortrices Pandemis cerasana, Yellow-spot Tortrix Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, 20 Flax Tortrices Cnephasia asseclana (not all confirmed but all those dissected were asseclana), Common Marble Celypha lacunana, 2 Plum Tortrixes Hedya pruniana, Marbled Orchard Tortrix Hedya nubiferana, Black-brindled Bell Epinotia signatana, 3 Triple-blotched Bells Notocelia trimaculana, 2 Hoary Bells Eucosma cana, 6 Wainscot Veneers Chilo phragmitella, 2 Base-lined Greys Scoparia basistrigalis, 2 Small Magpies Anania hortulata, Fenland Pearl Anania perlucidalis, Bee Moth Aphomia sociella, Twin-barred Knot-horn Homoeosoma sinuella and White Plume Pterophorus pentadactyla.

Black-brindled Bell Epinotia signatana, Boughton Fen, 2nd July

Base-lined Grey Scoparia basistrigalis (female, gen det), Boughton Fen, 2nd July

Wainscot Veneer Chilo phragmitella, Boughton Fen, 2nd July

The other macros were Ghost Moth, Buff Arches, Figure of Eighty, Common Emerald, Maiden's Blush, Small Fan-footed Wave, Single-dotted Wave, Large Twin-spot Carpet, 2 Common Carpets, July Highflyer, Small Rivulet, Mottled Pug, 3 Green Pugs, 2 Clouded Borders, 2 Brimstone Moths, 2 Peppered Moths, 10 Mottled Beauties, Clouded Silver, Eyed Hawkmoth, Common Footman, 2 Flames, Large Yellow Underwing, 2 Setaceous Hebrew Characters, 2 Double Square-spots, Bright-line Brown-eye, Clay, 2 Smoky Wainscots, Poplar Grey, Sycamore, Dark Arches, 3 Tawny Marbled Minors, Burnished Brass, Silver Y, Beautiful Golden Y, Beautiful Hook-tip, 3 Snouts and Small Fan-foot.

Sycamore (left) and Poplar Grey (right), Boughton Fen, 2nd July

July Highflyer, Boughton Fen, 2nd July

A few other inverts were identified.  Stuart confirmed the Mayfly Procloeon bifidum and a Strawberry Snail.  I can't work out what this slug is though, possibly a juvenile Black Slug agg.?

Slug sp., possibly juvnenile Black Slug agg.?, Boughton Fen, 2nd July

Another one I can't ID for sure is this nymph, but I think I'm in the right ballpark with Muellerianella fairmairei.

possible Muellerianella fairmairei, Boughton Fen, 2nd July

Caddisflies included Limnephilus auricula, Limnephilus marmoratus plus this one that I've rarely seen: Trichostegia minor.

Trichostegia minor, Boughton Fen, 2nd July

Last but not least, and another one where I can't take any credit for the ID, was this male Glow-worm (it's only the females that glow).

Glow-worm, Boughton Fen, 2nd July

At home that night Bramble Shoot Moth Notocelia uddmanniana was the only new one for the year.  The rest were Little Dwarf Elachista canapennella, London Dowd Blastobasis lacticolella, Privet Tortrix Clepsis consimilana, Barred Marble Celypha striana, 3 Common Marbles Celypha lacunana, Triple-blotched Bell Notocelia trimaculana, Meadow Grey Scoparia pyralella, 2 Common Greys Scoparia ambigualis, Little Grey Eudonia lacustrata, Small Magpie Anania hortulata, Buff Arches, Small Emerald, Single-dotted Wave, Riband Wave, Garden Carpet, Peppered Moth, 2 Willow Beauties, Mottled Beauty, Light Emerald, 3 Buff Ermines, 2 Cinnabars, Heart and Dart, 2 Flames, 2 Bright-line Brown-eyes, Common Wainscot, 2 Brown Rustics, 2 Dark Arches, Rufous Minor, 6 Uncertains, 3 Mottled Rustics and Fan-foot.

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