A diary of my mothing activity covering highlights and photos from my moth trapping activities. Mainly Norfolk (UK), occasionally beyond. I may mention other wildlife sightings here, especially insects, but for birds see my birding diary.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

A Grass Snake and some fish

A visit to the Broads on Sunday afternoon secured some nice birds but also some other wildlife.  I don't often mention fish, mainly because I don't often see fish well enough to identify them.  At Ormesby Little Broad I saw fish.  I saw a lot of fish.  There were several shoals of fish along the dyke running between the path and the Broad - distinctive-looking fish with red fins.  If I've correctly identified them they were Rudd.  All around the viewing platform there were shoals of other fish - smaller and plainer than the others and this time I identified them as Roach.  I'm not an expert on fish - indeed this was the first time I've ever identified either of these very common species - so please shout if I've got either wrong.

 Rudd, Ormesby Little Broad, 3rd April

Roach, Ormesby Little Broad, 3rd April

Also a Peacock butterfly at Ormesby Little Broad, plus another at Martham Broad.  The last time I remember seeing a Grass Snake was at Bough Beech Reservoir in Kent which means it was 26 years ago - surprisingly I've not managed to see any in Norfolk in all that time.  But at last on Sunday I found a Grass Snake - it was along the footpath round the back of Martham Broad.

Grass Snake, Martham Broad, 3rd April

Sunday night was relatively good for moths but the only one that was new for the year was the very common Double-striped Pug.  The rest were March Moth, Shoulder Stripe, Brindled Pug, Dotted Border, 4 Small Quakers, 2 Common Quakers, 4 Clouded Drabs, Twin-spotted Quaker, 6 Hebrew Characters and Early Grey.

Double-striped Pug, North Elmham, 3rd April

Twin-spotted Quaker, North Elmham, 3rd April

Also my first Empoasca vitis of the year - this is a tiny Leafhopper that seems to be very numerous in my garden.

Empoasca vitis, North Elmham, 3rd April

I need to get a key or something to be able to identify Green Lacewings, but I suspect they are nearly all Chrysoperla carnea.  About 4 in the trap which were, I think, the first this year.

 Green Lacewing, North Elmham, 3rd April

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