A diary of my mothing activity covering highlights and photos from my moth trapping activities. Mainly Norfolk (UK), occasionally beyond. I may mention other wildlife sightings here, especially insects, but for birds see my birding diary.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Buttoned Snout

A good selection of moths last Friday night including 40 species, my best this year I think.  For macro-lovers the Buttoned Snout would undoubtedly be the highlight, though for me it was a micro that came out trumps.  A grey tortrix which I first assumed was a Cnephasia sp. before noticing the solidly dark basal area.  It was in fact a Hedge Shade Isotrias rectifasciana, a new moth for me.

Buttoned Snout, North Elmham, 5th June

Hedge Shade Isotrias rectifasciana, North Elmham, 5th June

No Bordered Straws for me, or even Silver Ys, but migrants did appear in the shape of 3 Diamond-back Moths Plutella xylostella.

Diamond-back Moth Plutella xylostella, North Elmham, 5th June

Other species new for the year included Brown House-moth Hofmannophila pseudospretella, 2 Hook-marked Straw Moths Agapeta hamana, Triple-blotched Bell Notocelia trimaculana, Elder Pearl Anania coronata, Light Emerald, Marbled Minor, Middle-barred Minor and Straw Dot.

 Elder Pearl Anania coronata, North Elmham, 5th June

Hook-marked Straw Moth Agapeta hamana, North Elmham, 5th June

Marbled Minor (male, gen det), North Elmham, 5th June

Middle-barred Minor, North Elmham, 5th June

Light Emerald, North Elmham, 5th June

Straw Dot, North Elmham, 5th June

Triple-blotched Bell Notocelia trimaculana, North Elmham, 5th June

Several other moths were interesting for various reasons.  Light Brocade is one I don't see very often and a bit of a looker.

 Light Brocade, North Elmham, 5th June

The others were White-shouldered House-moth Endrosis sarcitrella, 2 Common Marbles Celypha lacunana, Yellow-faced Bell Notocelia cynosbatella, Narrow-winged Grey Eudonia angustea, Small Magpie Eurrhypara hortulata, 3 Bee Moths Aphomia sociella, 3 Common Swifts, Flame Carpet, Red Twin-spot Carpet, 4 Silver-ground Carpets, Common Marbled Carpet, 2 Green Carpets, Mottled Pug, 2 Common Pugs, 3 Brimstone Moths, 2 Buff-tips, 3 Pale Tussocks, Orange Footman, White Ermine, Buff Ermine, 2 Cinnabars, 3 Heart and Darts, 3 Small Square-spots, Light Brocade, Lychnis, Rustic Shoulder-knot, 11 Treble Lines, Nut-tree Tussock and Spectacle.  The count of 11 Treble Lines is my highest - it's a species that I only ever saw singly at Bawdeswell - in fact I didn't see 11 there in total in all the years I lived there.

This female Pale Tussock was good to see - most Pale Tussocks I see are males and compared to those this was very distinctive (and big).

Pale Tussock, North Elmham, 5th June

A very strongly-marked Silver-ground Carpet:

Silver-ground Carpet, North Elmham, 5th June

Small Magpie Anania hortulata, North Elmham, 5th June

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